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Frequently Asked Questions

KickPink practitioners are medical, rehab and fitness professionals who have learned about conservative treatment for the side effects listed above with a focus on prevention and treatment through exercise and manual therapy. These practitioners attended a 16-hour online course, passed required tests and submitted a personal project for certification. 

The best time to consult a rehab practitioner is at the time of diagnosis; this is often referred to as 'pre-habilitation.'  Pre-hab allows the therapist to focus on education to prevent potential side effects based on your medical plan of care. A visit is typically scheduled prior to initiating surgery, chemo or radiation for baseline assessment of pertinent functional measures and education on preventive measures you can take for optimal health at home.

Additional visits may be scheduled on an 'as needed' basis should a complication arise. It is important to know that side effects can occur during treatment or even years later; rehab practitioners can serve as an important touchstone throughout survivorship to help you maintain optimal physical health and quality of life.

Most insurance companies will pay for rehabilitation services once a side effect occurs. Depending upon where you live, insurance may or may not pay for prevention services and baseline testing; please call the KickPink provider to inquire about typical insurance reimbursement practices in your area. Some therapists are out of network with insurance so they can provide the best care regardless of insurance parameters; most-of-network providers can give you a superbill to submit to insurance.  Regardless, establish a relationship with a trusted breast cancer rehab provider before beginning treatment to get the support you need. 

The benefit of KickPink practitioners is that they have a baseline understanding of treatment for ALL the side effects of breast cancer treatment and understand how to advocate for you to help you get what you need in your community.

Most KickPink practitioners are licensed physical and occupational therapists, however, other professions include nursing, physicians and personal trainers or fitness instructors. Each KickPink practitioner is required by their license to only render services and/or treatment that is within their practice act determined by their licensing body. If there are treatment limitations, the practitioner will be able to refer you to another skilled provider for co-treatment if needed.

Here are some additional certifications to look for:

Certified lymphedema therapist (CLT)
: A CLT has taken advanced training in the treatment of complex lymphedema and can perform continuous decongestive therapy. If you have stage 3 or 4 lymphedema you need to find a CLT; please check the credentials of the KickPink practitioner if you have advanced stages of lymphedema. KickPink practitioners can teach you about lymphedema prevention as well as perform basic treatment for up to stage 1 lymphedema (swelling reduces with elevation). If you are not responding to basic lymphedema management, please consult a CLT.

Pelvic floor rehab practitioners (credentials vary based on country & certifying body): KickPink practitioners have a baseline understanding of how medical treatment affects hormones, genitourinary health and sexual function for prevention and educational purposes. Some KickPink practitioners have taken advanced coursework in pelvic floor rehabilitation or have obtained specializations in this area. Please look at the credentials of KickPink practitioners in your area and ask them about their experience working with pelvic health or if you need a referral.

Breast cancer rehab practitioners are hard to find. Can you believe many rehab and medical practitioners do not even know breast cancer rehab is a 'thing?!' Often, doctors think rehab services for breast cancer is lymphedema treatment, but it is SO MUCH more than that!

KickPink is working towards making comprehensive rehabilitation services an integral part of breast cancer care. The paradigm of cancer care is changing from 'saving a life' to improving quality of life for cancer patients and you can help...

If you would like to advocate for comprehensive breast cancer rehab services in your area, please refer practitioners to KickPink.PRO. offers the online certification course 'Breast Cancer Rehabilitation; Comprehensive Evaluation & Treatment' as well as other resources.

Thank you for your advocacy!

Some KickPink practitioners provide telehealth treatment or consultation. Click on practitioners to find who offers telehealth services. If you are in an area where the practitioner is licensed, they may be able to provide online treatment. If you are out of the area where the practitioner is licensed, they may not be able to give you treatment recommendations specific to you, but could provide general education and try to find a provider in your area for you.

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Recommend to a provider so that breast cancer rehab services are available in your area. 

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